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about Crocker Farm Winery

Our winery is the first bonded winery to open in South Central Kentucky since prohibition.  It is a very small winery.  Our two acre vineyard is very productive.  Year after year we sell most of the grapes to commercial and home winemakers because our tanks cannot hold that much fruit.  The bulk of the vines are just over a decade old.  

Our winery was constructed in 2009.  Wine making methods are old world style.  We use gravity flow to move the wine.  The wine is never pumped.  Wine quality is improving every year.  The 2010 vintage is very good and we would especially like to thank Dr. Tom Cottrell at the University of Kentucky for this.  He is the rock star of the Kentucky wine industry.  

In 2012, prohibition was finally lifted in our county… as it was a Kentucky dry county.  We now sell our wines at the Franklin Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. We also sell our wine at the SKY Market at the Medical Center in Bowling Green, KY on Saturday mornings.  We usually get there about 10:00 a.m. CST.

The Wines

Reliance White 2010 and 2011:  The 2011 has more citrus flavor than the 2010. Both have crisp, spicy citrus flavors with a hint of mineral, strawberry and cotton candy when allowed to breathe before drinking. This wine pairs well with chicken, lamb and white sauce pasta or seafood dishes.  It has been called “the Chardonnay of the South.”  If you like Riesling or Chardonnay you will like Reliance. It is our best grape wine and can stand up against the fine wines of California and Europe.

Cabernet Franc 2011: With the color of a Pinot, this is a light bodied red wine with cherry overtones and mild oak. This wine improves with age, becoming more tannic with a longer finish. Pairs well with red meats, lamb and Italian cuisine. Will go well with grilled or blackened seafood dishes as well.

Cabernet Franc 2010: This is a good red food wine. It is light bodied with spice and hint of green pepper flavors.

Cabernet Franc Rose 2012: This wine was produced from grapes grown in California. Availability of grapes locally during 2011 was greatly affected by frost conditions in April of that year. This is a simple, uncomplicated, semi-dry wine with black current and light berry flavors. It has a crisp start and a smooth finish. It will pair well with desserts, cheeses and fruit.

Concord Dry: This is a simple, rustic, "grapey" wine that can be enjoyed as a pre-dinner cocktail as is or made into a fantastic Sangria or Spritzer. It will pair especially well with cheeses.

Reid’s Franklin Favorite: Sweet concord wine made with grapes grown on our farm. Is a sweet version of the Concord Dry. The wine is great for sipping and goes good with dessert.  This wine will suit white Zinfandel drinkers very well.


Our beef is all natural from our own farm raised cattle. We sell beef cuts at the at the Franklin Farmers Market in Franklin, Kentucky and SKY Market in Bowling Green every Saturday morning. Fan Crocker Creek Farm on Facebook!


2013 sheep orders from crocker farm franklin kyOur lambs are farm raised with love, attention and the ability to roam at will a large grass covered Kentucky pasture. We sell whole lambs for $200 up front, which includes delivery to the processor.  The lambs average 90 to 100 lbs. whole and are less than 8 months of age. We deliver the lamb to Johns Custom Meats in Smiths Grove, Kentucky (just a few miles north of Bowling Green).  They charge an average of $65* to $85* for processing, which is due upon completion of processing. The purchaser gets back 50-55 lbs of frozen lamb.  Reservations for spring 2013 lambs are being taken now, with lamb ready in June.

We sell lamb chops; leg and shoulder of lamb; stew meat and lamburger at the Franklin Farmers Market in Franklin, Kentucky and the SKY Market in Bowling Green every Saturday morning. Fan Crocker Creek Farm on Facebook!

Tour and Tastings

grape harvest southern wineryWe do not offer any tastings but do give tours of the vineyard and winery by appointment.  You can also call or email us and put in an order for wine or for lamb to be picked up at the SKY Market in Bowling Green.

Our sister wineries do give tastings.  Make sure to check out Chateau Ross Winery in Orlinda, Tennessee.  They make some really fine wines (See youtube video…they made a really good vintage of Reliance wine in this video).  They do have tasting on Sunday in Tennessee.  Another really good winery to visit is Bravard Winery in Hopkinsville…our friend Jim Bravard.  And Reids Liver Winery in Alvaton, KY (Rex Reid) has very nice wines and tasting.  Mention that you have bought wine from us and they might give you a discount.

*prices subject to change.

"Your wine is the perfect addition to the Thanksgiving Holidays and perfect with the Thanksgiving turkey! Hmmm, am I starting too early? I think not... Happy Thanksgiving!"
-Mr. Santelli